Digital Learning at Calvin Center


Covid-19 has changed our world and the changes keep coming as we prepare for the 2020-2021 school year beginning soon. Most school systems will start in Digital Learning mode leaving working parents asking for HELP!

Calvin Center is here to help! With 60 years summer of camp experience, Calvin Center is ready to step in and provide digital learning coaches to help supervise students. 

How It Works

We will have one Learning Coach per 10 students. Each Student will have their own table and tables will be greatly spread apart to help keep students Physically Distanced. Lunches will be provided and enjoyed in the classrooms (students will bring their own snacks and can bring their lunch from home if they prefer). Every Learning Coach will be trained in Child Protection policies and have a background check.

Students will bring their own computer/iPad or other device to log into their classroom, along with school supplies. Safety protocols will be followed by Calvin Center to reduce any spread of viruses, including taking temperatures upon arrival, use of masks, hand washing, sanitizers and more.

More specific information coming soon!