Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn to ride, a therapeutic rider in need of a growth experience, or a seasoned rider in search of the next adventure, Calvin Center Equestrian Center is the place for you. All programs are led by PATH International  and/or AAHS certified riding instructors and assisted by trained volunteers. Programs are offered for riders ages 5-95 


Initial assessments allow for an evaluation of a rider to determine best fit in the lesson program for a quality learning experience. Click the button below to sign up for an initial assessment! Please note that lessons are ending in May and will not start up again until September. We will contact you to set up a time for the Assessment but it may be better to schedule that in August. If you have a child interested in riding this summer, we encourage you to take a look at our Equestrian Day and Residential Camp opportunities. 

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For 2021, the Calvin Center Equestrian Program will be offering lessons on a monthly basis. You can choose Recreational Riding Lessons and Therapeutic Riding Lessons with options for Group or Private Lessons that will be held weekly for the month long session.

If the participant has not had an Assessment previously, you may sign up for a monthly session, but you will also need to sign up for the Initial Assessment and have that completed before riding lessons begin. Please note, the next lessons after May will not start until September.

Please register for any of our Riding Lessons by following the link below.


Your tax-exempt donation can help sponsor a rider’s participation, care for a horse, or provide for the on going needs of the program. Complete the form on the left for more information on opportunities for giving.


Are you looking for English and Western riding lessons for beginners or intermediate riders? You will gain confidence, become focused and develop social skills while building a solid riding foundation under the supervision of safety conscious instructors. Weekly group lessons (2-3 riders) last one hour. All instructors are certified with PATH International and/or AAHS.

Therapeutic Riding

Children and adults with developmental, physical and learning disabilities can experience multiple benefits when they participate in Calvin Center’s Therapeutic Riding Program.

  • Physically, there are benefits for gross and fine motor movements.
  • Academically and cognitively, interaction with the horse and instructor helps a rider to follow directions, develop planning and sequencing skills and extend attention span.
  • Socially, riding improves self esteem and builds confidence.

Lessons are tailored to the individual goals of each student and designed to compliment a student’s IEP’s and therapy plans. Lessons include warm up and stretching exercises, learning or reviewing a riding skill/concept, a game or activity on horseback and cool down exercises.

Horses & Warriors


Horses & Warriors is military helping military heal through the use of equine- assisted activities. Through mounted and un-mounted activities, participants will meet physical and emotional goals such as:

  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased stability and balance
  • Improved mobility and gait
  • Community and peer support with other military personnel
  • Personal empowerment through voice and choice

All activities are facilitated by PATH International registered instructors. Calvin Center’s Equestrian program complies with all PATH International standards and is a PATH International member center.  Active duty military and veterans serve as horse leaders, side walkers, barn volunteers and program assistants.

How can I get involved?

  • Provide for facility needs such as a new mounting ramp, new arena or pavilion
  • Join our mailing list
  • Help us to spread the word about this program
  • Come to our work days

To be placed on our mailing list or to learn more about the program and how you can be involved, please contact Sara Reams, 678-438-3116.

Trail Rides

Is your family reunion or church group looking for something out of the ordinary? Enjoy the beauty of rural Georgia by horseback. Each ride begins with a mini lesion and safety instruction and culminates with a 45 minute scenic guided ride through acres of God’s incredible creation


We depend upon the support of our Volunteers. Volunteers help take care of the horses, the equipment and facilities, and also assist in the riding classes by serving as “leaders” – whose primary responsibility is the behavior of the horse – and as “sidewalkers”; – whose primary responsibility is the safety of the participant. Volunteers also support the program by providing other important services, such as clerical assistance, construction and maintenance assistance, fund-raising assistance, grant writing assistance, trail development, etc.

Volunteer training sessions are scheduled throughout the year. Complete the form on the left to request more information regarding the next scheduled volunteer training session. Volunteer applications may by completed onsite at the time of training.

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Calvin Center offer numerous equestrian clinics from instructor certification to riding and training clinics. 


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WARNING Under Georgia law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to Chapter 12 of Title 4 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

Please only go to the Equestrian areas of Calvin Center with permission. Horses are friendly but can be dangerous and fragile if not handled correctly. Trail Rides are available with advance reservations.