The Mustard Seed Gathering

Celebrating Small Churches

March 8-9, 2019

In partnership with the Outreach Foundation Small Church Initiative.

Join together with other small church pastors and ruling elders to focus on the challenges and blessings of the small church!

March 8 @ 5:30pm – March 9, 3:30pm

Cost $175/person

25 $100 scholarships available to churches with 100 members or fewer!

SAMs Lakeview

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Asset Mapping

Discover the abundance of God’s gifts to the church for ministry. Asset mapping helps us see and connect those gifts to the gifts of others, spreading the reach and capacity for ministry.


Collaborative Ministry

Discover how collaboration with the businesses, farmers, schools, and non-profits in your community can help you tell the story of the Gospel.


Change Dynamics

The church in North America is in a season of dislocation. What once worked, no longer will. But change is hard! How do we ground change in hope and mission that propels us forward?


Small is Not a Liability

Christianity is experiencing explosive growth in many parts of the world. That growth is not led by megachurches, but by small churches living into their calling to be the presence of Jesus in their neighborhoods. Marilyn Borst of The Outreach Foundation will tell us exciting stories.


Pre-Event Option

Stewardship in Small Churches

Preaching for Ruling Elders

March 8, 10:00am – 4:00pm

$50/person including lunch

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The Mustard Seed Gathering


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