December 18th

9:00am            Camper Drop Off

Ice Breaker Games

Christmas Challenge Course

Wonderland Hike/ Yukon Cornie Scavenger Hunt


11:00am            Reindeer Relay

Snowball Tag


12:00pm           Lunch 


12:45pm            Cider and Chill Time at the Candy Cane Pavilion

1:45pm               Christmas Caroling and Jingle Bell Jolly Time

3:00pm              Reindeer Archery       

4:00pm              Calvin’s Workshop (Elf Craft Time)


5:30pm              Dinner

6:00pm               Jingle Bell Hayride to Bonfire with Santa’s Smores

Worship and Celebration of the Christ Child

7:00pm           Day Camp Checkout     

7:30pm            Hot Chocolate & Christmas Movie Time

10:30pm         Sugarplum Time

                          Campers all nestled snug in their beds


December 19th 

9:00am            Breakfast

9:30am            Sunday Worship

10:30am               Calvin’s Workshop 

12:00pm               Lunch 

12:45pm          Christmas Cookie Decorating

1:45pm            Elf Energizers

                        Reindeer Games

3:30pm            Staying on the NICE List:   Cabin Cleanup

4:00pm            Checkout:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!