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The Lakeview Room offers over 2300 square feet of flexible meeting space with a panoramic natural view. Situated so your entire committee has pleasant views of the surrounding countryside, in addition to you and other presenters, it’s one of the more beautiful meeting rooms for rent you’ll ever find. You’ll even be able to enjoy the convenience of high-speed Internet throughout this great space, making it easy for any meeting that requires connectivity. Speaking of connectivity, the Lakeview Room is also connected to our large dining room so you can reward yourself with a banquet at the end of a great gathering.

Of course, this isn’t all you’ll be treated to in this marvelous meeting room for rent. Like many reception venues in Atlanta, we also provide a host of fantastic features to ensure your meeting goes smoothly as possible; however, though the goal is the same, these features are unlike any you’ve ever had before.

Meeting room seating up to 150

The Lakeview Room is one of the largest meeting rooms for rent in the area, giving even the largest companies a perfect place to conduct business meetings. With plenty of space, and a banquet right next door, it is a great locale regardless of the function you are holding.

Beautiful view of Lake

Whereas many meeting rooms, for rent or otherwise, offer barebones, depressing interiors that only epitomize the “stuffy office atmosphere” that many subscribe to, the Lakeview Room has an incredible view of the lake and the surrounding countryside. This allows for natural light and a comfortable atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

Wireless internet throughout

Many a meeting has been derailed by a lack of consistent internet connection, particularly out in the great outdoors like the Calvin Center happens to be. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this one bit! Our high speed wireless internet will ensure connectivity throughout the meeting, so you can access all the information you need to make things go exactly how you planned them.

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Lakeview Room

Thank you for considering Calvin Center to host your event! We are confident you will find our accommodations, hospitality, food service and natural setting to be exceptional!

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