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Sacraments & Statements of Faith

March 9-11, 2018

This Retreat Offers…

  • Experiential Learning: An essential part of our weekend is framing the writing of statements of faith around activities that relate to reformed theology. This helps concrete thinkers grasp abstract ideas.
  • Connections:Connections are made between churches, between youth, between youth and their chaperones and between participants and God’s creation.
  • Opportunity: Set this retreat as a kick-off or culmination of your year-long study!
  • Review: The learning doesn’t just happen for the confirmands. Many past chaperones shared that they walked away having reviewed and learned so much about their faith. Perhaps this retreat will spark ideas for your elder training!
  • A Jump Start: Perhaps your confirmands are finishing up, perhaps they are started. Either way, participants will walk away with a great start to their Statement of Faith and a head swimming with ideas!
  • Meaningful Worship: It is essential that all of our learning be centered in the worship of our Triune God!

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