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Chef Terance Bailey and his team of dedicated employees are changing the perception of what “camp food” is by running one of the most high quality banquet halls in Atlanta GA. A recent guest commented, “I never expect retreat food to be healthy, or even particularly good…at Calvin Center, high quality, healthy food is available, even on a youth retreat!” Another guest stated, “[they have] phenomenal meal service. The menus were excellent, the food was delicious, and all participants enjoyed every meal. A highlight of the weekend!”; another ringing endorsement for this incredible banquet hall in Atlanta, GA Terance is a wonderful addition to the Calvin Center staff, coming from years of experience in the professional food service field. With this experience, he has created one of the best reception venues in Atlanta, and one that you will never forget.

The Type of Food You Will Enjoy

Chef Terance Bailey describes his food as seasonal, fresh and health conscious. Terance is creating a one of the only banquet halls in Atlanta GA that is free of canned foods, replacing them with fresh seasonal ingredients you won’t find at most any other banquet hall Atlanta provides. Terance shared, “I want guests to come [to Calvin Center] not only to relax, but to relax and enjoy good food; a hearty bowl of soup in the wintertime and a fresh salad in the summer.” Terance is also looking to change folks’ perception of comfort food found at Banquet halls in Atlanta GA. In his words, “comfort food shouldn’t make you feel blah.” He is preparing meals that folks will love and feel great afterwards.

Service Above and Beyond

It is more than just quality food that makes Terance such a great asset to Calvin Center. Calvin Center’s charismatic cook has been known to travel from table to table in the dining room seeing to it personally that guest have all that they need for a perfect meal. Perhaps too, it is the excitement Terance can create when he enters the dining room with a smile on his face and homemade whipped topping in hand, from which he proceeds to personally top guests pie and cups of hot chocolate. Truly, few banquet halls in Atlanta, GA provide such service, and even fewer provide the quality of food that you will find here; you just need to try it to see that this is the case!

Banquet Meals

Are you looking for an extra special meal one of the best banquet halls in Atlanta, GA to host it? Let Calvin Center be your destination. Quality food and fantastic presentation will make your special meal perfect! Trust us; if you are looking for reception venues in Atlanta, or you simply wish to finish off your trip with an incredible meal at a top banquet hall in Atlanta, GA, then Calvin Center is here for you. There is simply no other option. Please call or email our office for rates and pricing. 770.946.4276

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Food Service

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Food Service


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